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// About Monkeybean

Monkeybean is an independent business operating in the Baltimore suburbs, providing web development, web design, mobile development, and kiosk development to businesses and organizations across the spectrum. Over the years, our clients have included everyone from local colleges to fellow small businesses, the federal government to national marketing and promotions firms, and luxury car manufacturers such as Porsche and BMW.

Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of the internet and online communities dating back to the early 1990s. There is practically no aspect of the internet and online communities with which our team is not familiar. Monkeybean has extensive experience developing web sites and web applications, developing organic social networks, providing on-demand video solutions in multiple formats to ensure cross-platform and mobile compatibility, and providing soup-to-nuts web application development. Our focus has always been on the planning, execution, and management of highly interactive web sites. This includes both custom and open-source content management solutions, rich database applications, and full-featured e-commerce and online shopping solutions. In recent years, this has included a strong focus on compatibility with mobile devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phone systems. Furthermore, with the advent of usability and accessibility standards, Monkeybean has added a strong focus on usability and accessibility for those with screen readers and similar tools, to ensure that all people have access to the sites we develop, regardless of their physical limitations.

CEO Michael wrote his first computer program in 1984 at the age of 9, after learning the BASIC programming language, which solidified his desire to be a software developer. His father would take him to the local user group for the TI-99/4A computer, where Michael interacted with other enthusiasts, often two or three times his age. Several years later, he acquired his first DOS-based PC, and got online. Two years after that, Michael discovered UNIX, and the blooming world of open-source software, and never looked back.

He began his career as a professional web developer in 1995, and spent the next several years working for some of the biggest regional players in the dotcom business. During that time, he had the honor of working with Nature Magazine (the world's oldest continuing journal of science) and Sylvan Learning, providing hosting support to clients such as Martha Stewart, Ford, TWA, J. Crew, and Kraft, and contributing development and consulting services to companies large and small.